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Family and self-protection experts

“Cost” is the amount of money that leaves your pocket in exchange for something.

“Investment” implies a return is expected.

Ok, forget all that financial jargon: how much is your life worth?

You can find concealed carry classes for less than $200 but not here. The reason is we believe your safety and that of your family deserve the personal attention afforded only by a small class size. Ours is eight maximum.

We also provide everything except eye protection; no surprise up-charges like pistol rental, range fee, etc.

Our classes are held where you sit on nice couches, are provided with a digital copy of all relevant laws and some related articles, get a free welcome breakfast plus a great lunch, can get your fingerprints scanned and the class qualifies you for both Illinois and Florida CCLs. You won’t find that total package provided anywhere else.

Our focus is treating you with respect as humans considering a pivot point in their lives versus just a credit card. We go at your pace, not ours. We’ll even stay after to class to personally work with you if you ask.

Skimping on training is as bad as buying a cheap concealed carry weapon: how useful will it be when you really, really need it? Would you buy the cheapest sutures to sew-up your leg? Didn’t think so…

All of our basic classes include Illinois and Florida concealed carry certifications.

Per person class investment: $325.                     Couples class investment: $600 per couple.

Family investment: we’ll discuss based on the size of your family, their ages and the goals you want to achieve.

Individual classes: $995 (all-inclusive price including pistols, range rental, ammunition, class materials, etc.).

Individual pistol instruction: $75/hour plus range rental if required or requested.

Utah Concealed Carry and Virtra Session (with optional range time)

Per person class investment: $125.               Includes your Utah fingerprint cards.

Illinois Livescan prints available for an extra $50.