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Family and self-protection experts

about yourself and your loved ones.

We care because you care...

Most people don’t carry concealed; that’s either good or bad depending on what and/or whom they encounter.

We don’t, and never will, make judgements as to whether anyone should or shouldn’t carry concealed; that’s a personal decision only each individual can make.

Our job is making sure you are properly educated and trained so if you decide to carry concealed, you can and will do so legally, competently and confidently.

Intense supervision

Beyond the basics

We are different

because you’ll need to be.

We are highly-qualified...

Our focus is not the lowest class fee or maximum class size; it’s you.

If you participate in, learn from and qualify in our classes, you’ll achieve much more than a concealed carry license.

You’ll have taken crucial steps toward building a sound foundation of confidence in your ability to safely, legally and competently defend yourself and your loved ones.

Confidence & Certification

Competence, much less confidence, are impossible to achieve in the 16 minimum required hours.

Our training goes well beyond by combining basic pistol and Personal Protection in the Home training to complement the states’ concealed carry requirement.

Our maximum class size of eight helps guarantee safety and more than ample individual attention.

When you qualify in our classes, you’ll take home something more valuable than a state’s CCL license: you’ll have the confidence to consider carrying concealed.