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Family and self-protection experts

We’re highly-qualified...

because you’ll need to be if you decide to carry.

Our focus is on your personal and financial well-being, not the lowest class fee.

You've worked hard to achieve success. Our in-depth course conveys broad knowledge to help protect you from losing it to criminal prosecution, a civil suit or worse death.

You and we agree...

training is an investment, not a cost.

1. Beyond the basics

You're used to hard work. Competence, much less confidence, are impossible to achieve in the 16 required hours. Our training goes beyond the states' basic requirements.

2. Intense Supervision

Our maximum class size of eight helps guarantee safety and ample individual attention.

3. Confidence & Certification

When you qualify in our class, you’ll take home the confidence to consider carrying concealed. We’re not the least expensive training facility, we’re the most comprehensive. Is your life really worth only a bargain class?