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Concealed carry is a lifestyle.

If you don’t anticipate ever having to draw and fire your weapon in defense of your life or those of your loved ones, why carry?

Why incur the cost of purchasing a pistol, buying ammunition, investing in critical instruction and regularly investing the requisite range time to use them effectively and legally?

Concealed carry is a lifestyle because it involves having already considered and making the moral, ethical and legal decisions to take another life. That’s not something that should be taken lightly.

Carrying a concealed pistol is not just something ones does like brushing their teeth and getting dressed each morning. Once you strap on a holster as an integral part of getting dressed each day, you’ll also need to constantly consider unique issues including what type of clothing will adequately maintain concealment, the legalities of carrying everywhere you’ll be going that day and evening, etc.

Continually making all the correct decisions requires reflection, knowledge, training, a lot of practice and a commitment to doing the “right” thing. You can’t make the right decisions and be prepared only some of the time...

Strapping-on a holster and a concealed pistol conveys you’ve accepted a profound responsibility to protect yourself and your loved ones. Several phrases apply to the Marine Corps and should be considered by anyone contemplating carrying concealed. We discuss each in our classes and they should equally apply to you if you carry concealed; just substitute the word “you” for “Marines.”