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“What do I need to succeed?”

“What do I need for class?”

In addition to eye protection on the range, we require the following at all times:

We provide everything to help you succeed: pre-class reading & exam material, hearing protection, training pistols, range pistols, ammunition and targets: no hidden charges.

“Can I use my own firearm to qualify?”

Yes. Our recommendation is using our .22 caliber pistols so you can focus on the proper techniques. Your CCL qualification can be shot using any reasonable pistol.

“Does your course qualify me for CCLs in states other than Illinois?”

Certainly. Our in-depth Illinois curriculum and expanded range qualification meets Florida’s requirements. Our Utah course, with its reciprocity among several states in addition to Illinois’ should cover concealed carry in most states that permit concealed carry. However, confirm each state’s requirements before you travel.

“Where can I learn the specifics about obtaining an Illinois FOID card and my CCL?”