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Family and self-protection experts

Al Zielinski, Chief Instructor

Tried hunting but the firearms went into storage for 30 years.

In 2014, coyotes attacked one of our rescue dogs precipitating a FOID card so

I might as well get a concealed carry license. The class provided a startling eye-opener.

Society had taken a hard turn while I proceeded straight on my life’s road “Ignorance Is Bliss!” Gang activity, attacks on good folks and attacks on seniors all had increased a lot. And I had become a senior: a highly-targeted group.

My class is unique: concealed carry could involve lethal combat. You should hit what you’re aiming at under profound stress and in less than ideal conditions.

Only when “Should I carry concealed?” is firmly reconciled can you assimilate the training necessary to carry legally, competently and confidently.

That’s how I got our company’s name

My involvement with firearms started 50 years ago when I earned my Marksmanship merit badge en route to my Eagle Scout medal.

That foundation helped me earn my Sharpshooter medal in Marine Corps boot camp.