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Al Zielinski, Chief Instructor

Tried hunting when I lived in Michigan but the deer must’ve written the book I read because I never got to pull the trigger. The firearms went into storage for almost 30 years.

In 2014, coyotes attacked one of our rescue dogs in our backyard. That precipitated the need for a FOID card so I figured “might as well get a concealed carry license just because.” The class provided a startling eye-opener!

Somewhere in the past two decades, society had taken a hard left turn while I proceeded straight on my life’s road called “Ignorance Is Bliss!” Gang activity had increased a lot. Personal attacks on Joe & Josephine Consumer had increased a lot. Attacks on seniors had increased a lot. And I had become a senior: a highly-targeted group.

I’ve always loved teaching and saw this as an opportunity to educate my fellow travelers on “Ignorance Is Bliss!”

That’s why we’re extremely selective in our Instructors. We don’t accept every application because there are plenty of other license routes available that are easier, cost less and almost guarantee certification.

Our only guarantee is if you decide to carry concealed, you will have considered and resolved all of the issues. You’ll also be able to hit what you’re aiming at while you’re under profound stress and in less than ideal conditions.

As combat Veterans, our premise is unique: concealed carry could someday involve lethal combat and we want you to be the one walking away.

Therefore, we educate and help people consider, and ultimately resolve, the moral hurdle of “Should I carry concealed?” Only with that fundamental issue firmly reconciled can you assimilate the education and training we provide that’s necessary to carry concealed ethically, legally, competently and most of all confidently.

So that’s the story of how I got our company’s name.

My involvement with firearms started more than a half-century ago when I earned my Marksmanship merit badge en route to my Eagle Scout medal.

That foundation served me well when I earned my Sharpshooter medal in Marine Corps boot camp. Would’ve shot Expert but my left elbow was infected from an exposed nail in the obstacle course’s scaling wall. Really, it was!