Confident Concealed Carry Policies & Procedures

Missing Classes.

Because of the limited number of available seats, deposits are non-refundable.

No Guarantee.

No one is guaranteed any form of certification as a result of having paid for any course.

As a matter of fact, no one is guaranteed any form of certification even if they attend every second of class. These courses deal with potentially life and death situations. Therefore, class participation, as well as attendance, is required.

Failure to pass all requisite written, range and/or practical examinations will result in non-certification.

Anyone completing the course but failing either the written and/or practical examination is not due a refund in any case.

Re-examinations and range re-qualifications.

Failure to pass any written exam requires it to be retaken with a $50.00 fee for each attempt up to a maximum of three. Range re-qualifications are offered at the student’s expense including range fees, ammunition, targets and an hourly Instructor charge.


The NRA and/or other certifying agencies require mandatory training hours. In addition, late arrivals indicate of a lack of commitment, won’t be tolerated and will result in complete forfeiture of all tuition. While allowances will be made for true emergencies, retaking the course in its entirety may be required. Any and all determinations will be at the sole discretion of Confident Concealed Carry.

Application and Hold Harmless Release.


Applicants state and affirm all information contained in their applications is true and accurate. Full and complete permission by all reasonable means and methods is granted by applicants to Confident Concealed Carry to determine the applicants’ suitability, fitness and qualification for enrollment in all courses.

Submitting an application does not constitute acceptance of enrollment. Confident Concealed Carry has the right to refuse to provide training to anyone for any reason.

By participating in any Confident Concealed Carry course, all students as well as their heirs, executors, administrators, and agents fully and completely waive, release and hold harmless Confident Concealed Carry and its shareholders, directors, executives, managers, employees, subcontracted companies, affiliates and authorized agents from any and all causes of action, including but not limited to third-party causes of actions arising directly or indirectly as a result of their submittal of completed applications, their participation in any training resulting from such applications, any and all activities including Acts of God during classes or from any and all other acts, errors or omissions related to their enrollment or any classroom and range training.

Student Responsibilities

If accepted, students agree to abide by all of Confident Concealed Carry’s written and verbal policies and procedures established by its directors, executives, managers, supervisors and/or authorized agents instructing, directing or placed in charge of them. Students are financially responsible for any and all debts incurred and owed to Confident Concealed Carry as a result of their applications and enrollment in any course given by Confident Concealed Carry.

Students, by registering for and attending class, agree to these responsibilities. Students are expected to be in the classroom ready to begin class no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of each class. Students are expected to arrive in appropriate attire for classroom and especially range qualification. Range attire includes a long-sleeve, high collar shirt, slacks and flat-sole, high-traction shoes. High heels, shorts, skirts, dresses or low necklines are unacceptable range attire. Appropriate eye protection is the student’s responsibility.

Students are expected to follow all Instructor directions quickly and precisely. Students whom an Instructor feels are incapable of safely and properly completing any course will be removed by the Instructor. No tuition refund will be provided in the case involving any deliberate act that is unsafe or in defiance of any direction from an Instructor or Range Safety Officer. Each student is expected to have fully evaluated his/her physical and mental ability to safely and successfully complete the courses for which they wish to enroll prior to enrollment. Individuals with severe allergies, brittle bones, preexisting injuries, conditions that restrict movement, asthma or other mental, physical or medical conditions are advised to contact their personal physician prior to registering for and attending class.

Risk of Injury

Participants understand these courses carry a significant risk of injury, temporary pain or severe discomfort due to the need to participate in live-fire training. Participation may result in bruising, welts and lacerations as a result of the dynamic nature of the training and interacting with live firearms and ammunition. Participants give their full consent to such use and fully waive, release and hold harmless Confident Concealed Carry and its Instructors regarding the use of dummy and live firearms, dummy and live ammunition and other training tools.

All participants acknowledge and accept such risks. Prospective students who are or reasonably believe (s)he may be allergic or acutely at risk of any physical harm due to anything presented in any course are prohibited from registering for that course and should not attempt to take that course.

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