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Family and self-protection experts

Day One: basic pistol

You’ll learn basic safety, proper handling and accurate shooting fundamentals of pistols. 8-10 classroom hours and a written exam.

Day Two: concealed carry

Classroom: 6-8 hours. We review the Illinois statutes regarding the proper, legal carrying of, and the potential ramifications of drawing/firing, a concealed carry pistol.

Range: 2 hours. Qualification for your Illinois and Florida concealed carry certifications.

Group and Individual Basic Classes

Concealed Carry: start building your confidence.

This involves range time after some classroom review including instruction in old and new fundamentals.

We’ll work to perfect your grip, stance, sight picture, sight alignment, breath control and other factors that enhance your probability of high-scoring hits every time you pull the trigger.

Equipment selection and counseling are crucial elements because each person has unique needs. What works best for you might not work for someone else in your family. We’ll discuss various types of firearms and ammunition, personal and vehicle holster styles, dry-fire target practice options, etc.

Individual Instruction

Strengthen and polish your confidence to the point of carrying.

NRA Range Safety Officer

Build your experience by helping keep others safe. You’ll assist our Instructors on the range gaining invaluable experience by continuing to learn what, and especially what not, is considered safe.

NRA Personal Protection In The Home

You'll learn additional basic defensive shooting skills as well as some strategies for home safety and responding to a violent confrontation. Classroom and range: 8-10 hours. Expect to shoot hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

Utah and Florida Concealed Carry

Between Illinois and Utah licenses, you can legally carry in at least 33 states. This is always in a state of flux so be sure to always confirm.

Group and Individual Advanced Classes

Tailor and deepen your confidence.