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Family and self-protection experts

“Cost” is the amount of money that leaves your pocket in exchange for something.

“Investment” implies a return is expected.

Ok, forget all that financial jargon: how much is your life worth?

You’ll find concealed carry classes for less than $200 but not here. The reason is we believe your and your family’s safety deserves the personal attention afforded only by a small class size. Ours is eight maximum.

We also provide everything except eye protection; no surprise up-charges like pistol rental, range fee, etc.

Our specialty is teaching families and couples even if someone in the family never intends to carry concealed.

The reasons include:

The final point is an ethical issue unique to our classes: when one family member decides to carry, there are implications for the entire family.

For example, in the last bullet above, assume the primary defender is shot and incapacitated by the bad guy(s). If the wing (wo)man is not prepared, the bad guy simply walks over to the downed shooter, picks-up his/her weapon, turns it on the remaining family members and only God knows the outcome.

All of our classes include Illinois and Florida concealed carry certifications.

Per person class investment: $325.                Couples class investment: $600 per couple.

Family investment: we’ll discuss based on the size of your family, their ages and the goals you want to achieve.

Individual classes: $995 (all-inclusive price including pistols, range rental, ammunition, class materials, etc.).

Individual pistol instruction: $75/hour plus range rental if required or requested.